Fishing Spoons (homemade)

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Found some stainless spoons and decided to make lures out of’em…


Deep South New Zealand says:

great job mate

Strat Cat says:

Bro, you sell these?

Fishkhininja says:

Shit I just went and did the same thing. Everybody catching 7lbs on spoons and I'm here with power bait… Good looking man

yamahondazuki95 says:

Looks great man good idea!

tbar123 says:

Hey cool video..I recently made one almost exactly how you did. Didnt bother to bend the original shape of the spoon..and the action is unbelievable. spins super hard and so much shine in the water. I only took it out for a quick test (bass fishing is super slow here in Dec) but Im 100% sure it will catch some fish just because of how well it spins and vibrates. definitely needs a barrel swivel or else it will twist your line up in seconds. and if anyone else is thinking of making one, make sure to keep that little tab on the end where you attach the hook, a completely oval spoon might have a different action. cheers!

bent rodguy says:

your camera skills are horrible, but your spoon skills are awesome! i got dizzy , but still kickass vid,!

Jorge Teo says:

have you tried fishing with it?

Divus iulius says:

Wow! You just blew my mind with this! The damn dollar store for home made fishing lures!!!!. Now you got my mind spinning with ideas. What else can I use to make my own fishing equipment? You made something that looks and I hope works just as good for pennies compared to the stuff in the stores. One lure can run you as much as $30 or $40!!!!! You and YouTube might have just put those fishing lures out of business. Not really! But DAAAAAMN,

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