Best Bass Fishing Pliers – Top Pliers for all your fishing needs.

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Here are the best bass fishing pliers to make your life easier on the water. I’ve struggled for years with several different kinds, and finally found a solid plier for fishing. A good pair of bass fishing pliers needs to do three main things. First, the pliers need to handle well so you can unhook the fish you catch easily. Second, you need a split ring opener on your pliers to remove hooks from lures and baits. Lastly, you need your pliers to cut your fishing line including braid, mono, and fluorocarbon. Here is how these bass fishing pliers will get all of this done for you. Enjoy!


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Revivalz says:

Love the pliers so far. Review left.

Jiggin Bros says:

Thats awesome these pliers look great! They do look like the best on the market!


Good looking tool. Will grab a pair and give them a go

YFZMoto says:

I bought a set yesterday to help out the Channel and maybe get to use them in St George in the next few Month as I'm moving your way soon.

B Davis says:

Damn im going to get these

Levi Stowell says:

Will u have some next month

Levi Stowell says:

Dude ur great with bass tips and tricks how much for those badboys

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