SSTV 8-13 – Building an Ice Chest for a Center Console Style Fishing Boat

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An Ice Chest is needed for the 21′ Seabird. And John wants to build it from scratch… And incorporate it into a new center console just installed. If you want to add this useful accessory into your boat, then watch this episode and learn how easy it can be!

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James Bacon says:

And yet again a waste of time.

swampland says:

i like your videos but this video literally showed nothing about making the ice chest, waste of time.

scallen2112 says:

Arrgh!! I hate accidentally landing on these videos by the titles. They are such a massive waste of time that just get in the way of all the actual useful information on YouTube.

Ask The Pro DJ says:

Hi your intro is really long, should be 3 seconds for youtube or your will loose viewers , your is 30 seconds

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