Using Wet Flies & Nymphs – How To

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In this unique episode from the Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing Tom Rosenbauer covers the basics of using wet flies and nymphs to catch trout. From fly selection to presentation options, Tom details all the essentials you need to get started.


jumaigac says:

can you use these methods for pier fishing on ocean

Quantum Aquatic says:

Lol every damn river pretty much has the same dam bugs in them.

Kevin Qu says:

My first fishing book was written by this guy. Tom Rosenbauer just clicked with familiarity in my head and it brings back some good memories of reading that book. (The book was called Casting Illusions)

MrMisterMan says:

ive fly fished for most of my life all i can say is learn your hauls/mending and roll casts.

John Marsman says:

SUPER …but don't you guys ever catch trout under 10" ???

Zygardious YT says:

I really want to go out fly fishing but the shallow water streams in Cali are far from where I live and it’s pretty rare for me to go fly fishing so I usually go fly fishing on a normal with spinning gear using a bobber.

omglolwtf says:

We catch trout with peas

Roger Goodwin says:

Ok now all wdfw need s to due is stock all eastern wa. creeks and streams

Carol R. N. says:

Actually I like a LOT of things about this video. However, at around 20 mins, Tom "burps" a trout. Please do not do this. In fact, touch the fish as little as possible because doing so removes their protective slime and leaves them more susceptible to infections of various sorts. Using a rubber net is better than tailing a fish because tailing is touching them, while rubber nets won't remove slime or scales. I think the amazing Tom Rosenbauer would agree with this too, as we all continue to learn from the science being done at

James McCutcheon says:

Nymphs are each I use them all through the day and any time of year.

James Reck says:

Why use a fly rod for this, I use spinning gear with great results.

Paul Baldwin says:

Great video. Very informative! Thanks.

David Reid AREINZ says:

All the way from Taupo,New Zealand,very helpful,thanks

Fer gui says:

Great video very informative,I’m just a newbie,Can I use wet flies on spinning rod?

WestCoast_Flyer says:

are fishing nymphs in pressured ponds effective?

Stormy Lantz says:

Great video! Thank you!!🎣👍👍

Mike Henderson says:

If your going to nymph fish get yourself a nice spinning outfit at Kmart. If your going to fly fish get some dry flies. Been doing this for over 50 years now and I know the difference.

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