How to Make a Hawaiian SPEAR GAFF for 3 bucks!

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This is how to make a Spear Gaff for Offshore Kayak fishing for less than “three dollars.” Most likely the pieces you need to make this are in your garage. I needed a Hawaiian Spear gaff for King Mackerel fishing so I headed to Lowe’s to make a new spear. Here is how to make a spear gaff!

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Ted Sell says:

you gave me an idea to make a sand spike Rod holder with a hawian spear gaff on the end that goes into beach, because I usually don't need one 🐟

RDLONG30 says:

ANYONE catch the squirrel atΒ 5.36Β .

Jesse Aguayo says:

Made my kage out of a new wheelbarrow handle. The leftover cut end turned into a matching homemade fish club.

Tony Rock says:

Perhaps you can anchor it to the kayak with some thick nylon string so you won't lose it.

Gabriel Barboza says:

I made one out of an old baseball bat i found..same technic you used….i did shave the bat down ..the handle made it almost perfect..


Glad I was able to find this video again. My first one didn't come out the way I wanted to. Thank you Jack

Chris says:

Do yourself a favor and start bleeding and gutting your fish, they taste much better…

Cat Daddy Fishin says:

1000 more vids of yours to go. Giving you as much watch time as possible. I’ve only got 3 videos up and over 140 subs. I’m on my way brother. After watching all of yours I like the story telling better. Plus I just got me a nice DSLR camera to go with my go pro’s. Can’t wait to log my memories.

Harold Cale says:

Good info thanks..

Michael Kim says:

I thought it was a very good idea, so I made it up and it is very good. Also uploaded a video on my channel. Thanks~!

Cooper Dog says:

I'm crying with laughter,… are informative and make it all about fun!!!!!

Kelly Godwin says:

You are goofy man, but I do love your videos. Wish I could hook up with you on a yak trip sometime!

Alec Hamid says:

You gave me a great and inexpensive idea for my gaff, thanks dude!

Fatkid Enterprises says:

I see you always using a spear but what are your thoughts on a hook gaff? Not a kayaker but I would think a hook would be easier to use from a kayak.

Michael Wiemers says:

my favorite thing about your videos is that you dont see fishing as a competition you see it as a chance to have a good time and relax. when i go fishing with my friends i love to catch fish, who the heck doesn't, but im OK with at least one of us catching even a tadpole and just enjoying ourselves… to many people get mad because they dont catch anything

fishing freak says:

Thanks for making this video i would hate a fish to flip around in my kayak but now I’m making one for catching bonito

Kenneth P601 says:

Squirrel running the fence in the back ground you been slacking lol

South Florida Fishing Channel says:

Good video man, I'm going to build something similar but with a tip that comes off attached to a rope so I can use it to throw into swordfish

Troy Geer says:

Your poor grass. No newspaper or paper bag? After you lose this one…. Please sharpen point Before painting. Then stick in ground like and paint all sides at once. Let dry before fishing 😎 Cool project -THANKS for the ideas!

Time To Catch TV says:

I made a gaft hook out of a golf club handle and a 9 inch hurricane bolt welded on to the end

Paradoxtal Pythons says:

Hahah "or he will eat you to death"
Could you make a video on trolling for fish…mack n tuna

Rich Dunn says:

I’m going to make one out of an old half of rod the top broke on and some stainless .

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