FLY TYING FRIDAY! two easy and effective bass flies!

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Most of the flies I tie are super simple and effective. There really is no need for super complex flies, especially for bass. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more videos!

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Just a dude, living in the outdoors, fly fishing, camping, and taking mediocre pictures of his adventures!

The Fly Dudes is a page committed to outdoor adventure! camping, fly fishing, cooking, backpacking, and photography!

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Sippin' Wild says:

Hey man, on average how much thread do you go through an a bass type fly? I.e. Clouser/streamer.

Kawasexyrider says:

I love the zonker cause it has the hide strip. I just bought some "used" material and I dont have alot of long fur left so I'm for sure using this and tying it tonight!!! SUBED and looking forward to move videos!!!

moiecol says:

Would a eagle claw 570 hook for Ned rig work as well ?

michael paulissen says:

Exactly my kind of tying and patterns! Thank you for sharing! I subscribed!

Hank Vana2 says:

The KISS principle at it's best. The correct profile and action is all that you need to catch fish – both of these simple patterns will do it! Thanks for sharing! SUBed!

FreedomVlogz says:

Great helped me alot

Brandon says:

“Just like that”

Salamander 3111 says:

Sub to pewdiepie

timber buckets phil says:

Thank you man

Jason Nester says:

I suck at tying

appe abbe says:

check out tie tv.

Tommy M says:

That cf baitfish will tangle all day long.

Oahu fish Dive says:

What is the tool that holds the thread?

Michael Noble says:

what size hook?

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