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Watch our fourth day in Liberia, Costa Rica with El Jefe Sportfishing out of the Papagayo Peninsula!! We have a luxurious “half lay day” and then head out for some tuna fishing!! Enjoy the video and check out all the links if you’re interested in booking a trip with El Jefe Sportfishing!

Website: http://eljefecostarica.com
Instagram: @eljefecr

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Roby Geroca says:

Where in CR were at, town, Pacific or Gulf coast side!

Carmine Spinelli says:

Looks amazing I hope you enjoyed your trip.

Erik Baxter says:

12:43 And again

Erik Baxter says:

9:23 Two of the baddest women doing it going back to back!!!

ernie akina says:

Another place I want to fish…never caught a tuna before. Just A lot of bonito, mackerel and rock cod..

Robert Prout says:

So that's how you get such a great looking ass? And I do mean a great looking ass


No coral = Hot dark sand. Still beautiful though.

Frank Wilbert says:

you have very silly legs they go all the way up and make a complete Ass of themselves LMAO 😁😡😡😡😡 You are a very beautiful young lady!!πŸ‘πŸ‘

rusty says:

Jacki shea fishing trips there is nothing quite like them, all of the girls fish & all the girls fish extremely well & call me sexist but all of the girls are so Damn sexy I don't think I've ever seen such a collection of the sexiest asses on the planet especially yours Jacki pleez take it as it was meant to be & that ls as a great compliment.
I also think it's time for team Jacki to head down under. For what will be some of the best fishing you've ever witnessed. Luv your channel jacki & I think im in love with you Jacki.
Have a great nite Jacki tight lines girls luv RustyinOZ

gippo pirro says:

La morte, fosse anche di un pesce, merita rispetto e serietΓ  …tutto questo Γ¨ una buffonata senza senso!

Hell Bent says:

Jackie needs to come to Alaska.😊

Stephen Raney says:

Do u have a license for those guns? 😎

Walter Quick says:

Three tunas fishing!!

John Surf says:

Shee`s lift the tiny tunas in the boat no need for a meat hook on small fish.

Gerard McCluskey says:

Hey lovely girl you might wanna get you and your nasty ass to Australia?

Clement Clint Mora says:

When you visiting Trinidad AND Tobago

Cuco Busta says:

I live on the other side of the bay next time you come contact me i have a boat and can take you to the best beach you will ever see

James Ashley says:

Nice video good background music never been in the islands where around Canada and western US

speedshift says:

Like a country boy would say dang girl your built like a brick shit house lmao and its soo true great vid jacki

Walton Sellers says:

Great show…..Beautiful ladies……Best way to saltwater fish is to watch Jacki and her pals haul in the big ones while you sit in the comfort of your own air-conditioned home during the heat of the summer!!!!!!!

summerdying111 says:

Pfffff just another excuse to show her ass. Lame.

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