Brook TROUT Fishing with Joe's Flies Spinners

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I went brook trout fishing at new spot that I had never been to before. It was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect and the water level was great. There were a ton of people fishing which made it a little difficult. We fished for about 6 hours and were able to catch some nice brook trout. I caught all of my trout on a Joe’s Flies spinner. Dad also caught some trout using a crankbait. At one point, Dad and I doubled up on brook trout. It was a lot of fun. Joe’s Flies spinners are great lures for trout. Pick some up and give them a try!

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MrCeezz says:

Man i get jealous every time I watch your videos! Love them

Rapid Outdoors says:

Man I still haven’t got my first trout I missed so many bites too smh lol you make it look to easy keep up the great work man 🙏🏽

Commie Doggy says:

I'm going fishing for trout next week where I live in Canada with some buddies, I also enjoy alot of your videos thanks:)

William Worley says:

What state were you in? I don't expect you to give up the exact fishing spot, but would be nice to know if I'm in a similar area. Thanks, great video!!

Josh Dennis says:

What kind of rod is that??

Me sawyer 5186fish says:

I drive a Ford F-350

I want to see how many people see this and get triggered or something

TroutCare MD says:

How did you find trout holes like that? What stream were you fishing?

TroutCare MD says:

Wow,Large brook trout!

detroitjim1 says:

Can't tell for sure…….. is that a WVA hat you have on?

Samuel Nekvasil says:

Are you in NC?

Kyron Klain says:

I recommend Joe's Flies for trout fishing all the time. It's a game changer, works every time. Just wish they would use better quality hooks, sooner or later they tend to bend.

Chilly Billy says:

I really enjoy your underwater footage. It sets apart your videos from so many others on YouTube.

Jay BirD says:

You like them spinners

Timothy Thompson says:

I've caught so many trout right after getting a lure unstuck.

steel salad says:

That was some sweet fishing fish hawk. Been some tuff weather up here for trout.

Jhonn Padilla says:

Where is it

chris bajema says:

Dag gun it!! Brookies for the dream team👌 I’ve never seen joes flies in a spinner like that. What weights do they come in. Keep it up fellas. Cheers

CTJ Vlogs says:

Hey man where do u live cause I would love to go fishing with u in Pennsylvania

John Hull says:

Notice you dont say were your fishing lol


Nice video, could you share what rod and reel combo you are using?

Reel Obsession says:

Loved the video man and some quality fish too! I’m subbed if you get a chance you should swing by my channel and tell me what you think!

Jerry DeWees says:

Awesome video as always. I use the March Brown Joe Fly

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