bluegill fishing with Flies (INSANE UNDERWATER FOOTAGE)

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thanks for watching this video yall really hope you enjoyed it these bluegills were super aggressive towards this code cracker and if yall wanna get some in your hand go over to instagram and check out luke_flies he makes some of the best flies there super fordable with out him i wouldn’t have bin able to get this insane underwater footage thanks again yall if you wanna see more bluegill videos just leave a comment and if you wanna support me in the future hit that subscribe button lippinbasstv bluegill fishing (INSANE UNDERWATER FOOTAGE bluegill fishing with flies


Max Dumonceaux says:

That was not a three pound bass

Marshall Hurt says:

Awesome video as always, nice footage!

CastFromTheHip says:

Kiss the bass!

Lone Star Fishing San Antonio,Texas says:

Great video!!!👍 Love the underwater footage!!👌

Outdoors Weekly says:

Had a great day!

Pedigru says:

Great underwater footage man

Weekend Warrior Outdoors says:

Nice job guys.

chrissy rubino says:

Great video-love the underwater footage -that was awesome!!!!

Sergio Alvarez says:

Keep up the great work love ur video

Lil Rice says:

Love ur vids

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