What Fishings Hooks to Use and WHEN: J hooks, Circle Hooks, Treble Hooks

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In this quick fishing hook guide, we talk about some of the most commonly used hooks in salt water fishing and teach how to use them. J hooks, Circle hooks, long shanked hooks inline hooks and treble hooks make up the majority of my tackle box. Each hook serves a specific purpose!

Tutorials available at https://www.Senkoskipper.com


shabalabbadingdong bolonogonogoo says:

So basically what I'm getting from this video is use treble hooks when your gonna KEEP AND EAT that fish cuz you dont wanna ruin the fish or harm it and make it die

Ness Ness says:

Yey Bro , that back inline single hook should be facing up & the front one should be facing down. What ever though. No offence , fish hard….

XGCPR3D4T0R says:

Y do we care about any fish's mouth when we catch fish just to cut them up for bait or hook them while alive as bait or to release? So this is only for non baitfish I assume? Otherwise we are just picking which fish it is ok to ig torture? Idk?

Corbin Randel says:

2:30 gar?

Ultimate Warrior says:

Great fisherman,he has alot of respect for the fish.I try not to hurt them as much as possible.The trout you have to be careful with,don't even take them out of the water.90% of them don't recover after 20 seconds out of the water.Their lungs quickly degenerate and the fish will die short time later,so be aware of that and tell your friends about it.
Good luck fisherman!

Raymond G. says:

Less chance of hooking yourself!

RuutiH1 says:

usually i would not check anything, but obviously this guy is not after money, just passion to fish. my self never kept one fish i caught, i dont eat fish ^^

Brad Bobbit says:

Considering I’m gunna eat the fish I done care much about messing up its mouth, and another thing fish mouths are very durable and I can honestly say I’ve never had trouble removing trebles, your biased opinion is unappreciated.

longhornsfan1ify says:

I like treble hooks the best because I use a lot of catfish punchbait and I keep almost everything I catch anyway so treble hooks are good for fisherman like me but not so much for catch and release fishermen

Stephen Odisho says:

Next talk about Gang Hooks and different ways to use them and baits to use on them.

Love the Channel

Tyler Douglas says:

Half of this video was this guy explaining that he's pretty much catch and release, maybe even a PETA supporter. Got it. No hurt the fish!

Eric Villano says:

I don't know why, but for some reason, for most bigger game fish I seem to have good luck, and success with the #2/0 Kahle hook. I use them with live bait for fresh and salt water, for worms and chicken livers for catfish, etc. They seem to hook up well, and don't bend easily. Either way, I learned the difference between cheap shiny hooks, and darker harder steel hooks make of better quality metal that wont bend or break.

teang tara says:

The treble hooks use for catch aligatorgar,because it has a long mouth

NEOhiOutdoors says:

Treble hooks are great for gar fishing

7miracles71195 says:

1:45 thats what she said

Yeung Nick says:

Love you guys, out of all the fishing videos I watched from YouTube, and I do watched a lot, you're the first and only one I subscribed and added notification, just because you guys are truly real, and don't pretend to say things like pros if you don't know it. Keep up the good work and have lots of fun.


Trebal hook is good for making a stinger rig for kingfish.(king makeral)

sirron bailey says:

Thanks for the insight!

nareeeely says:

What about the difference of color or element make, for instance gold hooks, stainless steel .. etc

Aaron Arlington says:

Great video, I enjoy watching informational videos.

turab suratwala says:

bro i have a rod but no company to fish with

Ryan Garner says:

Hey man I’ve been watching your videos recently and really like themπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜. I’m actually gonna be on vacation at Myrtle Beach here in about a week! Was wondering if you had any good spots a salt water rookie like myself could have some luck at? Also what some good baits would be this time of year? Appreciate all the advice and can’t wait to watch more videos!!

Italian Troutaholic says:

can you use the Palomar on all the hooks for a good hook set???? favorite hook is the Eagle claw 024 Wide gap hook.

Mufa D says:

it seems to me that there is some deep feeling about the catch. and yes, it's nice. true passion carrying a lot of feelings. fishing is a passion, not the catch….

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