Remove Hooks from Deep-Hooked Fish With Minimal Harm

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It’s an unfortunate occurrence for all anglers – sometimes fish swallow the bait resulting in your hook point being buried deep in the gullet with little chance of safe removal through conventional means.

-Rapala Mag Spring Pliers:
-VMC Ike Approved Neko Hook, 1/0:

We owe the fish and resource our best effort at clean extraction.
The safest and most expedient method for a clean removal is rolling the hook backward via needle nose entry through the gills. Wired2Fish’s Mitch Anderson demonstrates the procedure that easily removes the deepest hooks with little tear or damage to the fish beyond the initial hookset and fight. Let ’em go to grow and fight another day with a high probability of survival!

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Paul Keogan says:

Great video, I've been doing it that way for several years now and it works so well.

Necessary Evil says:

Great job. Not sure if I can do it , but I'm sure you saved a bunch of fish.

George Ponnay says:

Good job! Sometimes tough to do with fish that have smaller gill opening and mouths. Be careful of gill rakers. Those long pliers really help.

Nicky Miceli says:

Thank you so much for this I will use this technique. Unfortunately when I guthook fish they usually die or I leave the hook in it’s mouth and it will probably die

aXe says:

Wow, wish I would have found this tip sooner. I have always just kept those bass for the frying pan assuming they were doomed. Also it's nice to see you support the fish with your other hand and not hold a fish horizontally by it's jaw. I cringe Everytime I see that.

locomojoboy2 says:

I knew he was going to go through the gills before I even clicked on the video.

I’m surprised the hook didn’t have a little barb on the end that would make the removal more difficult.

Internet Guy says:

Cool video!!

haveallbeentaken says:

Mandatory watch for all fishermen!

atlasmadders says:

Damn good vid we should all share this ,

Rounded Rob says:

Nice maneuver I usually just cut the line as close as I can eventually the hook will rot out. Not killing the fish…

chopseee says:


Kevin Boock says:

Can I make the assumption that this hook did not have a barb? 🙂

gleneckert1 says:

Thank you man, I’m stoked to see this lil vid.

WallStWarrior11 says:

Is that a barbless hook?

Bryan Toolsee says:

Much respect thank you for this video and all the fish you probably saved

Dante says:

I've had a fluke literally swallow the entire hook plus the bait. The hook was a size 4 so I had no idea how he did it, but he found way. Had to cut, but I think he was just fine because it wasn't stuck in his throat. I guess he just has a hook sitting in his belly.

Jim Thames says:

Very impressive technique. Can’t tell you how many fish over 40+ ur life of fishing that I’ve lost due to gullet hooking.

Stephen Durand says:

Excellent video..thank you.

Farhat says:

You have to be extremely careful not to damage the fishes gills using this method. Damage to the gills is pretty much a death sentence.

Philp Yung says:

Wow, so I guess it's true what they say, google is reading our very thoughts.

This happened to me today, and no I haven't spoken to anyone about it or looked up any videos or anything at all related to this.

I did the best I could. I took my time, but I had to wear out the soft tissue in the back of the throat pretty good. And he kept swallowing it even more.

Eventually I did remove the hook, I didn't see any blood and the little feller swam away. I hope I didn't kill him.

EDIT: By the way, I am not stupid, so I figured out how to do this on my own today. It's called having a brain. I guess some people didn't get one…

Jeff Mullinix says:

THANK YOU for saving many of young fish .

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