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This fishing knot is very useful to help your line stay untangled in a high-low rig. Trust me when I say that this is a fishing knot you are going to want to know for the next season of fishing! The T-knot is used for attaching hook snood to the main snood of a rig. The knot is strong and looks pretty, it also creates a short stiff branch which is useful for preventing the hook snood from entangling with the main snood.

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Joseph Dufek says:

Haha ya dad has humor subbed!!!!!

John Phillips says:

Please tell us the specs of the line being used. Thank you for all your work.

Indomicrofishing says:

Nice tutorial !

ApplesofGoldcrft says:

What kind and weight yellow fishing line was you using? You have a smart Dad. Mike Brady

Rend Zedaf says:

Pronunciation six correctly.
Sound like sick.

cr0cket01 says:

nice stiff knot for drop shot

Sandor Ferencz says:

I learned one more, very good.

ApplesofGoldcrft says:

Your dad is a great teacher. I learned how to tie a knew knot today. I'm 60 years old and have never heard of a T knot before. I can see where this knot can be useful in several ways. Thank you for your tutorial on the T knot. What kind of line was that yellow line you were demonstrating with? Mike Brady

Yaad Rana says:

I love it thanks man

Paul Issa says:

Shut up bitch

chuck frey says:

your dads pretty cool

llspacemonkeyll says:

Twisted dropper loop is better at keeping the leader away from the main line.

schwinnlow says:

Do more videos with your dad , great teacher. "I should let the mess up so you know ".

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