Truck Bed as fishing rod holder??

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I have accessory holes in my truck bed so I decided to use them as rod holders!

Some say it’s hard to catch catfish during a full moon. I believe them! The moon actually came up right as it got dark outside. I was using fresh caught Skipjack and my buddy Clinton was using fresh caught threadfins. The Threadfins were getting the most action but he was only able to hook one fish early on. Hours and hours later I finally hooked up on a very skinny catfish. Having a truck parked on the bank on a cold night does have some advantages!

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Hacked to Fish says:

Love to do a fishing video with ya one time. I beat I could make a hack for that. Good job! Tight lines!

Barry Pardue says:

Great videos! What rod and reel would you recommend I am picking one up tonight and with all the different ones out there nowadays I am lost! I will be catfishing btw..

Chris Johnson says:

Toyota’s will run dang near forever lol my 1999 4 runner has a tad over 290k on its 3.4L v6 and runs like a top.

TNDeer Stalker Outdoors says:

I've said it before but I'll repeat myself love that you show FISHING. videos hard to always catch big numbers nice to see the reality most of us have on the bank.
Love the truck I had an 01 identical to it still miss that truck lol

Rick Shackleford says:

Great Video. Thanks Bill.

Bobbyjoe Surrett says:

He'll yeah that's a rod holders even catfish Dave would envy lol. Do that myself sometimes. At least you caught a fish I didn't catch anything but bait over the weekend

cousin Delbert says:

Nice video…nice rod holder truck and nice ole big dip net👍

Tony Bishop says:

Tundra! Love mine! Had a Tacoma for 13 years prior to this one.

i_fish says:

You know, they sell rod holders bar that goes in the hitch of your truck. But i think its a waste of money. I cant see anything wrong with the way u do it, and u dont have to drag that huge rod holder bar with u. Also, if u have current, this will keep the line out of the water and allow ur bait to stay down and not get dragged by the current.

S S says:

How long do you wait to rebait and recast?

Reekie Gardner says:

i always thought night fishing was good on a full moon??


Another great vid!

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