Save your Money! Telescopic Fishing Rod VS Two-piece Fishing Rod

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We are reviewing and field testing a telescopic fishing rod
(KastKing BlackHawk II) against a two piece fishing rod (KastKing Sharky III Combo). Both of these fishing rods will stow away easy, but which one is worth your hard earned cash? Is a combo worth the price difference? Does the Telescopic rod have good sensitivity? Is the fishing rod durable? Is the fishing rod difficult to set up? All these questions and more will be answered in this review! Stay tuned yall!

For the two piece rod you should NOT have to force the two pieces together all the way. It is preferred to use just enough force to join the two securely. Anything more will increase the chance of failure, breakage, or not being able to get it off!

We recommend not “high sticking fish” (using the rod to hold the fish up) as this results in a higher percentage of rod breaks. These fish were smaller so the rod was able to handle it, but any bigger and it puts your rod at risk!

KastKing Sharky III Combo:
KastKing BlackHawk II Telescopic Rod:
KastKing Valiant Eagle Reel:

Super Salty Tentacle Bait:
Super Salty Chunk Bait:
Super Salty Jacket Bait:

Surf Fishing Adventure Kit:
Pier Fishing Adventure Kit:
Jetty Fishing Adventure Kit:

What Knots to Tie and When PDF:
Surf Fishing Adventure Guide:
Pier Fishing Adventure Guide:
Jetty Fishing Adventure Guide:


DustyTheDog says:

EVERY telescoping rod I have ever owned has lost an eyelet or has had the eyes spin around when I was using it. I even went as far as to pay about 100$ for one, which I returned 2 weeks later because of the aforementioned issues. Never have I lost an eyelet or had one spin on a two-piece or one-piece rod. I also feel more sensitivity with one/two piece over the telescoping. I don't do a lot of saltwater fishing, actually I do none. Maybe this has an effect on it, I'm not sure. I have also found that the overall quality of the rod will be better for the same price when you get a one/two piece versus a telescoping rod.

Wolf Sannes says:

A really objective review, thanks a lot!!!

Dominic Barbosa says:

ur cousin only caught 1

Kevin Grant says:

Where was this? My mummy loves sand perch!! share please

Jonathan says:

What's clear to me is that people care wayyyyy too much about rods, whereas in my experience, the rod is the least important part of the package. They pretty much just do two things: sensitivity and casting distance.

I mean, sure, there's variability in rod quality and sometimes cheaper rods = more defects = more unexpected breakages, but by and large, any time a rod breaks, I'm willing to bet good money that it's due to user error, not rod defect.

Stupid things people do:
1. Boat/dock flip. If you love your rod, don't do this. Should be fairly obvious.
2. Use the rod to pull snags. If you have to pull a snag, grab the line directly (w/gloves of course).
3. Set the drag too high. Set your drag IN ACCORDANCE TO YOUR ROD. If you're using 50 lb braid, don't just blindly use the 40% rule and set your drag at 20 lbs. Test the drag on your rod and see if it bends more than 90 degrees. If it does, then just fucking lower it.
4. Cast inappropriate weights. Make sure you know your rod's lure rating. Too heavy and too light are equally likely to break your rod.

I've landed channel cats close to 10 lbs on a 5 ft 2 pc shakespeare ultralight. Because I spooled 10 lb braid and had my drag set pretty low, the rod never even came close to breaking. Rods are almost never the problem – it's the user.

Lại Loan says:

Oh. Ít is find. Where i can buy it

sayed gafar says:


Sam Somphone says:

Never like two pieces alway have problems until I use st.croix one piece 7 foot

Maaifoedie De La Rey says:

Mr Senko : @ 00:55 you mention a cheap low quality telescopic rod – it looks suspiciously just like the one I was just about to order – except that I can't quite see the butt end of it on the video – if you see this post, could you plse confirm the following : Does it have a 'pistol grip' at the butt end ? (Which may be the exact same reason you initially bought it, that had also caught my attention – if so, you've just saved me some bucks !).

Tristan Broussard says:

Is it a medium or medium heavy blackhawk II?


hi mate

you should try Japan made ISOfishing ROD. That is the high-quality telescopic fishing rod.

5.2M 200g Top 0.6mm metal

Darvin Raj says:

For me telescopic rod is great & easier way for fix and play.

John Smith says:

I love using collapsible! Here in Montana by Yellowstone it's thick brush and it sucks trying to walk through with a full pole getting cought on everything. PS those perch tho!

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