Best Rod and Reel Combos UNDER $100 Dollars!

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Combos in the video:
Lews Carbon Blue:
Lews American Hero:
13 Fishing:
Abu Garcia Pro Max:

Whats up Yak Gang! Today I wanted to show you guys first hand what I would recommend to you guys for under $100! I strongly believe in budget fishing and finding good, cheap fishing gera that is still quality gear. Let me know if you think I missed something down below. Thanks again for watching, catch y’all next time!

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-SD Card GoPro:



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-Braid I use:

-Daiwa reel:

-Lews reel:

-Fluorocarbon line:

-Lews rod:

-13Fishing reel:

-Shimano reel:


-Creature Baits:

Gamakatsu size 3/0:
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YakPak Outdoors says:

What other combos would you guys recommend to a friend on a budget? Let me know!

Nathen Cox says:

I did have some problems with the new lews American hero rod i broke one and then exchanged it with the exact same rod and then then exchanged rod broke also so i just put the real on my abu Garcia silver max rod and it works great

Drew Gipson says:

I’ve had the pro max for 4 years. I’ve had the black max for a year and already bought another because i loved it so much and academy had a sale for $59.99 can’t be beat!

David J Scalf says:

I just subscribed and will be getting the Lews American hero combo.

Mitchell Dunson says:

Just started watching your videos they're awesome please keep it up !

Austin Scott says:

Go ahead and do the top mid range combos! 100-250

Brandon Reams says:

First off thank you for your service! Second can you do a video of the next step up rod and reel combos maybe 150 to 300 dollar range? Thanks

Travis Campbell says:

As much as I hate DSG for their political views, they have the carbon blue on sale for 79 right now. Good time to get someone else to price match them!

CS Fishing says:

Awesome video man, glad to be a new subscriber. For some reason I've never thought to check there for fishing rods. I'm definitely gonna go now. Thanks

Alan Martinez says:

lews american hero with a shimono casitas 🤩 you cant beat that it was my favorite combo that i made it was super good on casting anything and i threw everything on it from a frog too a senko i recommend (the old rod tho)

Time To Catch TV says:

Lets see the expensive version

Mr. Skeptical says:

Quantum is junk. I'm a Abu Garcia man now!!!

Sea Jay says:

Thank you so much for your service!

Sea Jay says:

God bless spread his word!

Rowdy Broomstick says:

Dick's political views are what hurts & I totally understand you saying it hurts your heart to have to do business with them : (
Academy is awesome 👌 wish we had one here in my town!!!

Brian Keenan says:

Well… you missed 1 important combo. The Bill Dance orange edition! Really was countin on you to show that 1.

George Alvarez says:

I got the lews mach crush in your thumbnail for 109 bucks on blackfriday off of Amazon, best combo i own to date.

Mudkat WNC says:

What kind of Dicks you at? Ones in my area doesn't have near that selection of rod/reel combos. We have a Field & Stream (big Dicks sporting goods) and they don't have that many combos, lots of rods but not many combos.

Gary Guyette Jr says:

Just picked up lews american hero…was using black max abu garcia which was a good starter

Dan Titus says:

I really like the lews mach 1 casting combo. Normally 139 but my local dicks has em on clearance for $89. That's a steal for that combo in my opinion

Jake Pavlik says:

Do a spinning rod one

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