Ugly Stick Tiger Lite/Elite Rod Review | LITE vs. ELITE

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Remember to skip to summary if u find the review too slow (@10:22)


CatfishCarl says:

That 6'9 rod looks like it would be pretty good for kayak catfisherman.

MX3- redux says:

I have 3 tiger lite rods (old model) 2 casting, one 6'6" and one 7'… Of course I had to have it in spinning so I bought the 7' spinning model as well. These are my favorite rods and I own several top brand rods. Maybe because they cost me 70 dollars apiece is why I like them so much. You're right about a 7ft 6in rod, ugly stik would sell a ton of them.

Charles Gholson says:

Have used several Tiger Lite/Elite rods for years, awesome video. I also have a 7'6" Whisker Seeker Tackle MH rod with rubberized cork. I think you would love that rod and it might be exactly what you are looking for. If you haven't tried one, I would.

Charles Gholson says:

I love the Tiger Lite 7' H. Have a friend who caught a 70# blue and I have caught a 55# blue. The tip is awesome. I sold all my ugly cat rods but ill never get rid of the Tiger Lites.

Joker Ark7 says:

Russian hacks guy?

Bill Walker says:

Hey bubba…quit complaining and show us some video of catching some 20-30-60# fish that's the only way to really tell me yah this e-lite suks…
I bought an Ugly Stik Elite model number ESESSP902ML I bought it for fishing for steel head. That's a big lake run Rainbo trout, Great Lakes or ocean. That's a 9' 2 piece 4-10lb medium light action. It has a cork rings handle and 8 SS eyes. I bought in October 2018 I only caught 1 fish with it. The Steelies weren't cooperating, I managed to entice a 30 in Channel cat in the river, right where it feeds into Lake Michigan. I was using 10# test Stren. I thought I had a little brown trout. When it surfaced I thought I could have easily handled a fish twice the size or more with a lot more pull.. My very first Ugly Stik…not my last.I think Medium or medium heavy would handle just about anything in fresh water. Oh yah that came in at $69. So Im thinking 7' M or MH for stripers and I go out and buy for $49.99 USEP701MH 7' 1pc Med Heavy 8-17# line. With cork and 8 SS guides.That's an Elite too. I can hardly wait to put a bendo in that blank. Couple more weeks and I'll be at Denison Dam below Texoma. See you there.

209chevymon says:

A 7' 6" med heavy tiger rod would also be my dream rod ugly stick definitely needs to make them and i will DEFINITELY buy one forsure

PBJCO says:

One of the best comparison reviews I have seen between a old vs new version of the same rod. Job well done!

Captain Jacque says:

Shakespeare ugly stik tiger elite jig casting rod 5'8" 1 piece 8-14oz 100Ibs – 200 Ibs = this is d strongest model n series in tiger family!!!

Flatheadfletch says:

St Croix offers a great mojo cat which is a lot like the ugly tiger stick. But it's to light in spinning. Perfect in casting models. Sucks

Flatheadfletch says:

Great review. I have used the tiger rod for years in the 20-50 best catfish rods I have ever used.
See my video

Kit Deitsch says:

Hybrid cork /foam are nice.

Kit Deitsch says:

Good ol black foam handles are key.

beachdude562 says:

thank you for the video i just bought an ugly stik tiger elite 6'9" medium spinning , still trying to figure out what size reel to put on it , what do you have on yours and recommend, i fish from pier and jetty, and so far feel like a bigger reel makes this rod less stiff and gives it a good bend more reactive kind of like my medium light 7' ft uglystik tiger rod thanks.

Anotherflores91 says:

Wow first time I've ever seen anyone with the low gear Lexa reel. Do you use lures for catfish?

Hank Chinaski says:

An old timer fisherman friend of mine used to wrap his rod handle with bicycle grip tape, it was a great idea, it makes for nice grip feel and protected the underlying cork. The new tapes on the market come in so many colors and materials you can come up with all sorts of cool combos!

The Jim says:

Look into the Ugly Stik salmon/steelhead rods. The 8'6" heavy rod is ideal for catfish. They have a great feel and cast great! Rated 12-25 pounds. Perfect for small catfish.

jeff young says:

A 7'6" rod would be nice to try!

Addicted Angler says:

i hate cork , a lot of ppl say make it more sensitive but to me looks cheap

Justin's Fishin Fetish says:

You are by far the best at giving a review. I would like it if they made it in 8' two piece. I'm looking to get some cat poles for the boat. Ugly stick is one I'm looking at. I'm trying to hold off till the catfish conference so I can get my hands on the rods there. To see how they feel.

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