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Testing a brand new fishing rod against an Ugly Stik! This rod has twisted guides that wrap around and make the rod stronger. What do you think? Is the Ugly Stik stronger or the Uribe Rod stronger?

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Ace Videos says:

Funny Story: For the past roughly 10 years I thought that the Ugly Stik fishing rod I owned said "Ugly Stik Lite". I always thought that was an odd name because the rod is anything but "lite". After I made this video, I go searching the internet for Ugly Stik "Lite" fishing rods, but could not find a thing. I thought this was strange. Maybe they are discontinued? I did keep seeing Ugly Stik "Elite" fishing rods however and suddenly realized that the "E" on my fishing rod is so blurry that it looks like "lite" not "Elite". So basically for years I've been walking around telling people I'm fishing with a "Lite Ugly Stik".

How many people thought, "What a noobie"?

Daniel Camhi says:

I heard that fart at 2:03!!! Nice one sneaking that in there 🤣

Dollar Mahmud says:

What is the name of the rod and company?

Dwight Stewart says:

Have you looked at the prices of those Uribe rods? Each one (rod alone) is two to four times more expensive than a rod & reel combo of the Ugly Stik GX2 in your example. I'll stick with my Ugly Stiks. Great, reliable, rods (and reels).

wombat stew says:

U never high stick a rod like that unless your a noob

wombat stew says:

Snyder glass rods r the strongest

PS 400 says:

Pure fishing

Matevz Menart says:

I have Savage gear roadrunner rod. Your rod is very bendy… what is the action of rod?

George Pretnick says:

Contemporary Ugly Stiks aren't your father's Ugli Stik. I bought a GX2 Ugli-Stik a couple of years ago. It's a wimpy piece of trash. My 1978 Ugli Stik is still going strong and catching fish. The difference? Well, my 1978 is American made quaility intended to deliver exceptional performance for an economy price. My 2015 Ugli-Stik is designed to maximize profits. The reel they included in the combo doesn't even have an anti-reverse switch.

itre bebag99 says:

Certainly better action than an ugly stick. Ugly sticks are way too stiff, with a soft tip. (cue the erection jokes…) Seriously, why is everyone constantly sucking ugly stik off? A daiwa or okuma or penn has better action…

Edivaldo Souza says:

Quero comprar uma dessas?

Edivaldo Souza says:

Vara de pesca muito boa? 😀😀😀

MTH1217 says:

Great video Ace. After watching this I picked up one of the Uribe Riverside rods for Largemouth fishing. It's a killer rod and the price was right. Check them out.

Jacob W Fishing says:

Awesome I'm sponsored by Uribe rods and they're great!!!

Duc Hai Tran says:

Đéo đủ tiền mua cây cần này đâu xem thôi

bymoorefield1 says:

I hope you're getting paid from both suppliers… free advertising?

Texican 84 says:

I’ve broken ugly stiks before, but I’d still buy them simply for the warranty and Customer service.

Garra De Satan says:

have this in consideration: Uribe cannot beat Ugly Stik Prices!

Jeff Dunn says:

It cost twice as much as an " UGLY STIK " .

ahti29 says:

The tension in this video is unbearable!

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