Dock Demon vs Ugly Stik — FISHING ROD DEATH CHALLENGE!!!!!!!

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WHO IS STRONGER!!! The Zebco Dock Demon vs the Ugly Stik Dock Runner. Two rods with enter the octagon…ONLY 1 will survive.

Zebco Dock Demon

Ugly Stik Dock Runner

MY Dock Demon Catfishing Videos

My Dock Demon PB for catfish

My Ugly Stik GX2 video

Senko Skippers Dock Demon Video

Small creek video with dock demons

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The Video Editing Software is Sony Vegas 14.0
Canon T5i (700D)


matthew wolbert says:

That's an awesome outcome. Should of put the scale in between them to see what the force was

Renee Heath says:

Zebco dock demon is better in my opinion

Rick Shackleford says:

Great Video Guys…

TheDigihax says:

So another words get a dock demon with a ugly stick reel. @5:19

Ricky Chase says:

He's a good dad! 🙂

Hooked Em' Fishing says:

Does anyone else see that they are on green screen?

Carolina Heckard says:

Do a okuma longitude 12 foot bait casting rod review. THANKS

Joshua Galloway says:

A sick game of tug o war

icewall flatearth says:

one rod is solid and the other was hollow.
the hollow rod broke.. I poured resin into my 2 piece ugly stick , made it solid and it's practically indestructible..

Video games and Fishing says:

In my opinion zebco is better and u should do one with a zebco 33

honeybear _ says:

Wow, finally someone on youtube that gets you can catch a decent sized fish on lite line. None of that "60 lbs. braid" bs.

TestedMantis 291 says:

I wish there was a six foot dock demon

Fishing Is life says:

the video starts at 6;30

Carlos Arana says:

Dock demont is the better

vsonic86 says:

Wow seriously, did I hear 20 lbs on the ugly stick?

Patrick Wood says:

Got the dock demon combo for $7.46 at Ollie's.

Sierra Force says:

I tried to purchase the Doc Runner from the site you provided but theyre on back order. =( I ended up going through the actual website. But thought I let you know that i at least attempted to go through the site provided.

Adam Glazier says:

I broke mine

ponycarguy says:

There is also a Dock Demon "Deluxe". It is 36in long instead of the 30in of the normal dock demon. Fun video!

Mottel Stock says:

Does the dock demon have really bad casting distance?

Ben Wilson outdoors says:

Now that's good parenting

dude who likes dinosaurs - Topic says:

I don’t think you’ll ever break any of these rods unless your trying to break it.

dude who likes dinosaurs - Topic says:

What about the dock demon delux? It’s a little longer but I don’t know if it has a different reel.

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