How To Build Quality Bank Rod Holders for $10 or Less!

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February 24, 2018: Do you enjoy bank fishing? If you use quality equipment, you need a set of quality rod holders! Build them yourself and save money!

In this video I will show you how to build a set of quality rod holders that you can use when bank fishing. I built this set of two for under $10. Build more and the price per holder gets even cheaper!

You’ll need the following materials:
12″ section of 1-1/2″ SCH40 PVC (per rod holder)
One 1-1/2″ SCH40 PVC Cap
PVC Primer & Cement
12″ section of 5/16″ threaded rod
One 5/16″ Acorn Nut
One 5/16″ Nylon Lock Nut
(Optional) Red Loctite Thread Locker

You’ll need the following tools:
Drill with 5/16″ bit
1/2″ wrench
1/2″ socket & ratchet

I made 6 of these rod holders a little over 2 years ago and haven’t broken one yet. More importantly, I haven’t had a fish drag a rod and reel into the water. You can assemble one of these rod holders in about 5 minutes. They store great in a 5 gallon bucket and are easily transported.

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Hamish the Irish Amish says:

That's not going to last but about one two pound fish,,,,,,,,

floydaltonmiller says:

Add a couple of y pipes and you will have a perfect rod holder

snerper says:

Seeing the prices in your hardware store makes me realise how badly we're being ripped off here in the U.K.!
Thank you for the video and the idea!

Love2Wander says:

Thanks for sharing will be making them soon

Jes587690 says:

Great video, making a couple three of these for my family reunion this year also.

Sketchy Comment says:

Great job dude

FishingWithMike says:

That looks like it will break at the cap. My friend makes them and uses very strong tape and tapes the metal part (end of an old screwdriver, anything he can find) to the side of the PVC. At least 6 – 8 inches up the outside for good strength. Tapes the crap out of it. Plumbers tape maybe.

Tip: put the second nut on first so you don't have to twist it down a foot of rod from the other end. Cool.

scott petrie says:

Not bad. Cheaper ways to do. When you add the primer and glue, way more than $10.

Jason M says:

I would highly recommend using a couple wide washers on either side of the PVC cap, just to add a little extra strength to it. The last thing you want is for the PVC cap to crack where you secured the rod to it. 😉

Rob Kelley says:

How do you get these into dry dirt?

Overseer Boss says:

2 large washers wouldn't hurt

Jimmy Reuben says:

Nice video mate. I'll be making some of those. Will cost a bit more in NZ, our prices are not good, but those will still be cheaper than manufactured ones from the tackle shop.

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