How To Avoid Paying For Ice To Keep Your Cooler Cold!

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Do you want to discover a really cool trick another angler taught me that has saved me who knows how many hundreds of dollars over the past couple of years on ice for my cooler?

Then watch this video.

As you know, having cold drinks on hand while out on the water is essential.

But buying ice for your cooler before every trip is a waste of time and it can cost a lot over time. Not to mention, it takes up precious time you could be fishing!

To see the full review and video of how to never pay for ice bags for your cooler again, click here:

How To Avoid Buying Ice Bags For Your Fishing Cooler Ever Again [VIDEO]

But the good news is that there is a very easy solution… all you have to do is simply use plastic bottles and freeze them to keep the cooler cold while also being drinkable themselves once they eventually melt.

I do this with normal sized water bottles all the way to the 1-gallon jugs of water (those will last for days when frozen).

Best of all, the same water bottle can be re-used many times so the costs are minimal.

So before your next trip, make sure to get some bottled water frozen so you don’t have to stop by a gas station on the way to the ramp.

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Jadiel 254 says:

Dasani water is acidic

vBDKv says:

I just pay for 4 plastic blocks (they are blue). Can be filled with water and they are square so it's easy to stack food on top and bottom.

Lazy Bee Keeper says:

I filled my cooler with water put it in my freezer and froze it solid… I couldn't get anything else in the cooler but I had that ice forever 😎 better to be a smartazz than a dumbazz

James Bohling says:

My Stepdad would freeze a milk jug with water and would use that on his tractor farming in the summer.

D Winslow says:

That is toxic. You cannot re use water bottles like that. And once you freeze the bottles you are putting toxins into the water. I never drink a water that has been frozen. I mark that bottle and do not drink it if I am using it to cool other drinks.

bryce angelo says:

just get 3 heavy duty garbage bags like huge ones and like tripple bag one and put water in it let it freexze take it out and drop it on the floor then you have ice

Jordan Yang says:

You can also bottle your own water.

5 gallons for a dollar or buck 25.

John Doe says:

tupperware containers to make block ice. Then throw them in the cooler. Especially good if you have a deep freeze

damion duncan says:

Or you can make. Your own ice

Daniel Richard says:

What I like to do is freeze water in Tupperware containers, wash the bottom to make the block of ice fall off, crush it with a hammer, and put the ice in a grocery bag in the freezer till my next fishing trip.

Scott Hayes says:

I have a 20 qt Pelican (four wheeler) and a 20 qt RTIC (boat/truck), I can go an entire day on 3 ice trays (3 lbs) with lunch for two and about twenty beverages. I don't pay for ice. And and and I have the benefit of ice actuality contacting the cans which cools them more bettererest. Yes that's a word.

K H says:

My grandfather did this with paper milk cartons and milk jugs 50 years ago. Thanks for bringing it up again to teach the young'ens.

Old School says:

duh . . . . .

chocrow says:

drink warm water (or freshly pumped stream water), save cooler space for beer…. duh dude!

JOHN E BOB says:

i bought a bunch of 1 qt aluminum drinking containers at the dollar store and froze them.
No leaching of BPE or BPA from the plastic and they stay colder longer.
We also painted a few black to lay in the sun to keep soups, coffee, etc. hot.

Reel-Lentless says:

No…not the coldest possible….freeze up some salt water! One bottle will freeze the ones touching it!!

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