LifeJacket for LifeProof iPhone 5/5s Case Review

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Accessories for the LifeProof nuud case are pretty rad to say the least. After rendering a few video close-ups on the nuud case for the iPhone 5s, I decided to finally do a video on an accessory, kicking it off with the LifeJacket from LifeProof. This orange, high-quality foam can take a beating or take a backstroke down the riptide, without letting your phone sink into the abyss. It’s light, feels sturdy and it’s ready to rock and roll, whether your kayaking, white water rafting, fishing, or taking a lazy swim in the backyard pool. Easy to install and pop off. Not to mention the LifeJacket adds more shock protection! So if your about to head out near water, grab a LifeJacket to guard your iPhone.

Dunked my iPhone 5s in the nuud case here:


Abby Guidry says:

For everyone saying this case is stupid, ugly, etc. it's not meant for everyday wear on your phone. I had a Lifeproof nuud case on my iPhone 6s when I went canoeing a couple of weeks ago for the 4th of July but I wish I would've had this case because our canoe flipped and my phone sunk like a rock and the water was too deep/current was too strong to find it. After that incident I am definitely getting one of these!

Osman Milian says:

This case looked really ugly at first xD

Amos Y says:

does the lifeproof nuud camera cover have glass lends or is it plastic?

ApeX47 GoldY says:

For all you uneducated people I would inform you, this is not a case. Its a LIFEJACKET FOR YOUR PHONE MADE FOR WHEN YOUR AT THE POOL!

ApeX47 GoldY says:

For all you uneducated people I would inform you, this is not a case. Its a LIFEJACKET FOR YOUR PHONE MADE FOR WHEN YOUR AT THE POOL!

Olakdueksj says:

i think its just for when going on a weekend for a water park for your phone you know just for photos and stuff i think this is a nice accesorie for that ! Great review BTW !

Shyla Hendry says:

I hope you all realize that the case is for in the water its no it and everyday photo e

Nicholas Guzzo says:

I don't know why you would ever want that case because it looks like a orange. I have a iPhone 6+ and I don't even have a case like that

iFunny says:

The "how to look stupid in public" case

Variares10 says:

That dosnt look like its gonna fit in your pocket comfortably lmfao

Braden Stevenson says:

can you hear the phone ring in the water?

Lachlan Fleming says:

I need one of these.

mike ham says:

Looks absolutely shockiiiiiiing.

terrycrant says:

Does it fit the 5c.  I only see it listed for 5/ 5s.   Regards

Ha mza says:

can you send me one to morocco ?

Anna Rheinschmidt says:

I have a different life proof case, will the life jacket work with my case?

Pity Oficial says:


Pity Oficial says:


Pity Oficial says:


mom's spaghetti says:

You should chuck it into the air

MarioEC says:

Thank you. I got one now . I love it. Thanks bru

thevil says:

So Crocs now make cases O_O

Nathan Costa says:

Should I buy the life proof fré or the life proof nuud? I want the best sound and water protection.

MarioEC says:

Does the Lifeproof nuude for the iPhone 5s fit the lifejacket even tho it is for the Lifeproof fre

Kenneth Pocasangre says:

Is it possible to take it diving?

Alyssa Reaves says:

Are you saying you can't call people with the life proof nüüd case on? Rate it from 1-10 on how well you can hear someone speak & how well they can hear you speak. Please.

Flamey says:

So your saying that my phone will float me to safety if i'm drowning XD 😀 

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