Homemade Fishing Gaff From Golf Club

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http://amzn.to/2onPOmW (they make glow in dark even!)

In this video I make a lightweight custom fishing gaff from a broken golf club and other items I had around the house. This fishing gaff idea came to me when I was walking through Goodwill thrift store. They had fishing poles right next to the golf clubs and it just clicked! I later discovered “after editing the video” that another channel had a similar idea. I have linked the other channel below out of courtesy. We seem to think alike. Thanks FB group member Jay Djq for referencing this person else I wouldn’t have known. This fishing gaff will be very nice on the kayak. Any saltwater kayak angler needs a fishing gaff. This one feels great and is sure to bring in some tasty meals from the sea.

Glenn Madden Has Similar Video Tutorial. Thought I would share his channel. I literally thought I had a great original idea…then a friend on Facebook set me straight after I was about done editing the tutorial. Check out Glenn’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUlA7t_RQ4wSkWHmfOsoXFg

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Gary Jensen says:

What is the largest fish you've gaffed with this? And thanks for your hard work in sharing like you do

Nick Dalton says:

Man… I thought you were going to use the heads to make foot pegs

GoneCommando says:

Great idea could even use it as a shallow water stakeout pole.

Dan Williams says:

Use a torch or heat gun to pull the shaft. You get a smaller end for your paint shaft !

Grunter says:

I think I'll make a gaff…. Pass me that Brick !

Kayak Q 305 FishIn says:

Great Video! Thanks for the S/O. Your take on the Gaff is awesome! Keep up the great work and Ideas!

KayakDIY says:

http://amzn.to/2onPOmW (they make glow in dark even!)

402 Fishing says:

Great video!

Tech Zombie says:

Haha…Lets use a brick! I now have added a brick to my toolbox. HAHA

iYakFish says:

Very nice! I like the finished product. You could sell them! Look really nice.

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